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During Jubilee year a major fund raiser was held to help towards the heating which constituted a major project in its own right. Due to the success of the fundraising we were able to replace the two ‘out of date’ gas fires with a modern but similar output model sensibly placed at the rear of the hall. Electrical fan equipment was installed to drive down the hot air from the roof to the occupied area. Infra red electrical heating is available to speed up the process of warming up the hall, followed by cheaper gas ‘maintenance’ heating which suits our normal letting patterns.

The cost of this did make a major impact on the Room's funds. Redecoration was held off until the electrical work was done. Due to the increased loading and 2003 regulations new meters, fuse boxes, earth wiring, etc. were required which made a very large hole in the reserves. Once completed however this improvement resulted in tripling the letting income during 2003/4. The final step in this phase was to redecorate the interior which would have totally depleted the reserves available to the Committee.

Delayed due to an accident which befell the painter plus timetable avoidances the decoration was at last completed. The costs however rocketed. The decoration was O.K. but in discussions with the late Mrs Forsey an increase to cover extra preparations was proposed but never formally approved by the committee. Replacement costs for the vent ropes and extras to cover repairs to the woodwork and brickwork caused by the removal of the old gas fires was agreed as we could just pay for it out of the increased income.

A leak in the roof was identified and had to be repaired which used all our reserves so Redecoration of the outside was postponed and has still not been completed.