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Over the last 5 years we have replaced the chairs, the tables, the curtains and the piano.

We knew that we ought to convert one of our toilets to a disabled facility, altering the paving stones to form a sloping entrance and accomodate the regular users request for a storage area. Planning and building permission for all these changes was obtained.  In the meantime, the Committee had been busy applying for grants and organising fundraisers.

The Local Village Society agreed  that if we had a shortfall in funds they would be willing to lend us some money on zero interest terms whilst we raise the sum required through local fundraising In 2011 we completed repayment of this loan.

At the AGM in June 2008 it was agreed to go ahead with the Toilet for the disabled and the sloped entrance etc as we could, with the funds raised by the Officers just afford this, having looked at the detailed estimates received and as most of this work would not be subject to VAT.

The Treasurer was asked to continue his applications for Grants and Loans but only minimal amounts were obtained. The lean - to, Table and Chair store was almost completed and an external shed was built and awaits finishing having been paid for by a second loan.

Due to further voluntary work the Hall is fully functional. However in October 2014 the Committee agreed that further redecoration etc. should be planned for when the weather improves in 2015

In August 2012 the external decoration and minor finishing items are still outstanding but the hall is fully available for bookings and still has some available dates.